Sunday, November 29, 2009


I have downloaded Jing, an online software that adds visuals to your online conversations. I used the tool to create a sample from my webquest site....Upton Sinclair.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Prezi 10-29-09

Today in class, we worked on our blogs. I have already posted my finished prezi. This is a late post to honor the day's blog posting. Here is a second link to my finish Prezi.
Upton Sinclair

Teacher Tube 9-8-09

Teacher Tube. Earlier in the semester, I learned about a site used by educators similar to You Tube. Teachers can post video of lessons for others to view and use in their own classrooms.

I have already provided a link to Teacher Tube in a previous blog post on 9-8-09 in class. Here is a link to my Teacher Tube project.

Snipping Tool 9-17-09

I have been introduced to the Snipping Tool. This item will replace the print screen making it more user friendly. It will crop only items you wish to capture and turns them into a .jpg. Then, it saves it in a location of your choice. The above image is a snip I created from a document on my desktop.

Group Webquest 10-6-09

I have used created a Webquest to outline an important topic. Hopefully, someone will benefit from my work. Here is a link to my.....WEBQUEST.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Audacity Podcast 11-10-09

I have edited my presentation file. I have adjusted levels and added background music from the Charlie Daniels Band "Long Haired Country Boy". I have saved the presentation to my FTP. Here is a link... Upton Sinclair.

Ignite Presentaion 10-20-09

Upton Sinclair-Novelist and Activist

The above link will take you to my presentation which I posted on my webquest site.

After revising my presentation and presenting it a second time, I have attached it to my website. The following is a link to my finished Upton Sinclair Presentation. I have also uploaded my presentation to my FTP and provided a link...

Upton Sinclair Power Point Presentation

Ignite Presentation 10-13-09 and 10-15-09

Upton Sinclair Project

The above link is to my finished presentation, which I copied to my webquest.

I completed and presented a power point presentation on Upton Sinclair. In 1906, he wrote The Jungle, a novel revealing the atrocities in the meat packing industry of Chicago. My presentation can be viewed at Upton Sinclair.

Delicious- Social Bookmarking 10-22-09

1. Describe the 3 steps recommended on the film to get started social bookmarking.

Step 1
Go to Delicious and sign up for an account

Step 2
Begin searching for sites and TAG them as you add them to your browser. By using the TAG, you will make your sites easier to find as you add more and more.

Step 3
Be Social. Begin communicating with others who search for similar sites as yourself. They will benefit from your searches as well I from theirs.

Social bookmarking allows others to people to share their favorite sites. Past tools, such as Bookmark, only allowed individuals to save their favorite sites on one computer and these sites could not be shared with others. Today, people are providing links to others and popular sites are getting more traffic.

I have an account on Delicious, a social Bookmarking site. This site allows people to connect and bring together information on related subjects. I joined this site as part of my Ed. Psych. course. Here is a link to I have also provided a link to my Delicious Site.. Sam Bellotte

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Audacity 11-5-09

I have began editing my sound wave using a online resource called Audacity. The following is a link to

Prezi 11-3-09

I have created a account at This site is similar to power point, however, it gives the user more freedom with their presentation. The following is a link to my presentation.